Skeng Releases “Highway” Music Video

Dancehall “Beast” Skeng has released the official music video for his song Highway, which debuted on his Beast Of The Era EP on November 4. The John Coop Records-produced track focuses on the deejay being under the influence of marijuana and having a good time. 

The music video consists of an array of swirling colours, depicting the effect of being high. Skeng is shown in multiple scenes wherein he is relaxing in the back of a vehicle with his crew, standing outside amid skyscrapers, and chilling inside a room. In each clip, the artiste is either puffing on a blunt or a Bong.

“And mi a travel wid high-grade pan e highway, a nuh light head, yea. From Friday to Friday, mi just a buy weed,” Skeng sings, delivering a different flow and vibe than his usual aggressive style.

He continues in a smooth, easy-going style, saying, “So mi chop it up and roll it up and light it up. The high-grade mek mi fly like a dove enuh. Go tell di weed man seh mi seh fi hurry up.”

The music video, released hours ago, has garnered over 89,447 views and over 13 thousand likes on YouTube.

Watch Skeng’s Highway music video below:

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