Skeng Surprises Mom With Brand New Car

The ‘Gvnman Shift’ entertainer who quickly gained popularity in the dancehall music industry, expressed his gratitude and appreciation by gifting his mother with a brand new car.

In a video shared on Instagram, Skeng who is known for his aggressive, bad boy style is seen showing a more affectionate side when he was all smiles and tightly hugging his mother. This heartfelt encounter occurred just outside the gates of the Iris Gelly Primary School in Kingston where it is rumoured that she is employed as a teacher.


“Who a drive it go over?” the joyful mother questioned while inside of the car.

An eye-catching, cherry-red Nissan Skyline 350GT Hybrid is in full view parked in the parking lot and is presented by Skeng to his mom. Enthused about the massive gift, she is soon seen seated behind the wheels as she checks out her new ride.

Watch Skeng surprising his mom with the car below:

Nonetheless, social media can expect further surprises from the young 20-year-old entertainer to his mother, as he made this known on Twitter that “House Pon Di Hill Next” while previewing the video of the car bought.

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