WATCH: Skillibeng Gives Away 100k for His Birthday

Sunday, December 24, 2023, 7:35 AM

Known for his unique style and catchy tracks, Skillibeng has quickly become a household name in the music industry. However, it is not just his talent that sets him apart; his vibrant personality and willingness to give back and connect with his fans have captured the hearts of many.

The entertainer seemingly kickstarted his 27th birthday celebration on Saturday by pleasing his fans with an impressive performance at this year’s staging of the Unruly Fest. Fans are seen in a video circulating social media, serenading the Crocodile Teeth artiste during his performance by singing the universally popular birthday song.


See the video below:

In another video, it’s unclear if it was before or after his performance at Unruly Fest the entertainer was captured on camera giving away at least 100k in a hilarious video. Selector Bishop Escobar was seen joyously counting the money as Skillibeng reeled it off a large coil he had in his hand.

What made the video more hilarious was Escobar’s initiative to seemingly get Skillibeng to give away more than the 100k, according to the selector, “A 95 this, we nuh want it blow weh cause the likkle Christmas breeze carless, mek we put weh this fuss,” as he pocketed the money.

Skillibeng, who was all smiles along with the crowd that surrounded him, seemed unfazed by dishing out the relatively large sum of money, he seemingly continued his generosity by dipping in his pocket to reel off more, which got the selector even more hyped, who reacted, stating, “Bomboclaat,” bringing an end to the viral video.

See the video below:

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