Soldier Fatally Shot While Using Bathroom – Watch Video

A man appearing to be a soldier was shot and killed by gunmen while using the bathroom. The ordeal was captured on video, and it has been circulating on the internet.

In the 26-seconds clip, voices can be heard in the background and a rifle is seen scavenging an area almost as if in a game simulation. Seemingly aware of the location of the intended target, multiple shots were fired into an enclosed bathroom. The soldier fell through the door of the bathroom as the bullets found their target.

Whilst trying to escape, the soldier was once again shot several times. It can be inferred that he died from the impact of the hail of bullets as his motionless body could be seen on the ground in the aftermath.

The video then ended by showing the same rifle further examining the area for possible targets and voices rang out in an unfamiliar language as if to make sure the location was clear.

Watch the video below:

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