Spice Announces Khaotic as her Baby Daddy – Watch Video

Becoming the talk of the town since announcing her pregnancy, Dancehall Queen Spice has once again sent the internet into a frenzy when she confirmed who the father of her unborn child is in an unusual way.

During an interview on The Baller Alert Show, rapper Khaotic (Instagram account khaotic305) was asked about the alleged rumour that he was the father of Spice’s unborn baby, to which he said, “I’m telling you man, that’s my baby.” Spice had texted the Princess Treatment entertainer “Hey bro. You got me pregnant,” with a video attached, to which Khaotic replied, “FaceTime me now lol.”

As the interview progressed, Spice called Khaotic and she confirmed over the phone that he was the father of her child. The Tape Measure singer voiced, “That’s my baby daddy, that’s mine,” after Khaotic said, “Spice, tell these people man that’s my baby.”

Spice reposted the interview to her Instagram account with the caption, “Spice baby daddy @khaotic305 #khaotic visited @theballeralertshow today. Full episode dropping tomorrow!” Khaotic also commented on the post saying, “I’m The Father Of Dat Child.”

Some of the artiste’s fans, however, still seem to be in doubt that she is actually pregnant or that Khaotic fathered her child. Future__billionaire__… exclaimed, “Me no believe say u a breed move yuh b**bocl**t lol 😂😂😂💙💙💙,” and lisamercedez stated, “Chro, I’m done 😫🤣🤣.”

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Khaotic also reposted the interview on his account, and his fans and followers were equally as skeptical as Spice’s. Ajdereon stated, “😂😂😂 y’all play too much I guess she got that princess treatment 😂😂,” while maziimonet said, “The only way I’ll believe you is if the baby comes out with a forehead tattoo.”

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Watch the video of the announcement below:

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