Spice at Little Dunn’s River; Says New Album is Coming – Watch Video

Highlighting her love for Jamaica, Spice, the Queen of Dancehall, takes her fans on an outing with her to Little Dunn’s River in Ocho Rios.

She shared her time there with her fans (Besties) via social media where she uploaded a video at the falls.

Sporting her signature blue, Spice was dressed in a blue one-piece swimsuit, a water wave, two-toned blue wig, and a multicoloured blue wrap. She was standing on some rocks overlooking the lush greenery and falls.

The video was captioned, “Jamaica gives me so much inspiration. My Album loading up, I’m almost done writing,” indicating that she has a new album in the works that is close to completion.

Watch the video below:

Sharing her love for exploring, her fans enquired about her location while also recommending places for her to visit. One fan questioned, “Where in Jamaica is this ?,” while another stated, “You must include Bath springs in St Thomas…” to which Spice replied by asking for directions.

On the other hand, some noted the caption for the post, and mizz_funsize_ stated, “Soon hear bout boomflick off a Rock and Land pan B*ddy but as a Member of the Spice Gang I’m here for it.” Spice replied to the comment by adding hilarious lyrics that read, “Boom pan di buddy and dive inna the river, Cocky long till it reach all mi liver 😂😂😂.”

Read more comments below:

At the moment the little hot spot, which is not too far from the original Dunn’s River, opens on Sundays, as per recent reports. Little Dunn’s River in St. Ann was reponed recently, following a period of closure due to a tragic incident and safety concerns, the decision to allow public access, even if limited, speaks to a community’s resilience and the importance of balancing economic and social benefits with the imperative of safety.

Cabinet Minister Matthew Samuda’s involvement illustrates a commitment to not only restore access to this attraction but also to address underlying issues that could affect its safe operation. His promise to the community and his focus on safety-first measures reflect a comprehensive approach to community development and tourism management.

In essence, the reopening of Little Dunn’s River is more than just a return to normalcy; it’s a testament to the community’s dedication to overcoming adversity, enhancing safety, and preserving the cultural and economic value of their local attractions.

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