Spice Gives Away About $500,000 At Uptown Mondays – Watch Video

July 27, 2022

The proclaimed ‘Queen of Dancehall’ Spice performed at Reggae Sumfest a few days ago. Recently, she visited Uptown Mondays, a well-known street dance and while there, she took the mic to let everyone know that she has not forgotten where she comes from and in a spirit of gratitude she will be giving back.

Dropping bricks of cash on the DJ’s table, Spice tells the crowd that she came home with a bag loaded with money, so they should just form a line and get ready for the give-back.


“A yah suh mi come from and me no figet weh mi a come from. So yuh know me come home and me bag full a money and me just wah unu form a line,” Spice said to the crowd.

Watch the video posted by YouTube vlogger Mouta Massi below:

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