Spice Makes Sore Throat Remedy for Makeup Artist – Watch Video

Spice, birth name Grace Hamilton, shared a hilarious bonding moment with her makeup artist in her Atlanta home when she visited to do the entertainer’s makeup, but had a sore throat.

Spice made a sore throat remedy for the makeup artist to drink, footage of the happenings was uploaded to her TikTok account with the message. “My makeup Artist came to my house to beat my face and she had a sore throat so I went into Doctor Grace Mode.”


In the video, Spice uses the ingredients of a whole lemon, honey, aloe vera, and garlic chunks to make the concoction. While making the remedy, Spice commented, “mi nuh know a weh you gaggle last night make your throat clog up, and yuh can’t talk, but I goin take care a you this morning.”

She made multiple other hilarious comments throughout the video that had the makeup artist laughing in the background. After the remedy was done, the makeup artist downed the mixture and made a face at the taste.

Watch the full video below:

Someone in the comment section of the post stated, “All Har pressure and sugar suppose to normal after she drink that,” and another person said, “No sah Spice a real Jamaican granny ehno have all aloe Vera in STOCK!!”

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