Spice Seemingly Rushed Contestant in Defence of Shenseea – Watch Video

Another clip of Baddies Caribbean Auditions emerged, showing Spice ready to fight a contestant seemingly in defence of Shenseea. Despite their fallout in the past, Spice apparently was not going to allow the contestant to get away with throwing a microphone that almost hit Shenseea.

The clip reveals more contention between the judges and the contestants, starting with Natalie Nunn’s conflict with one of the contestants. Natalie Nunn can be seen confronting the woman, who then takes a swing at her, igniting a fight.

Another altercation shows a different contestant stating, “I don’t play with b**ches like you,” before hurling the microphone at the judges. The microphone seemingly narrowly misses Shenseea, who ducks to escape being hit.

Right after the microphone was flung, Spice leaps out of her seat to confront the contestant, repeatedly shouting, “A who she a fling mic offa?”

Meanwhile, security intervenes, surrounding the contestant and also Spice to ensure they are kept apart.

Watch the video of Spice and Shenseea below:

After the episode was shared on Instagram on Sunday night, many viewers took to the comments to express their joy. One of the viewers wrote, “So spice defending shenseea. Okay I like it.”

Another viewer wrote, “Spice carry Jamaica 🇯🇲 every weh one thing spice always ready to attack 😂😂😂.”

A third viewer said, “This nuh have Ntn to do wid dem beef this is a I have to defend my fellow Jamaicans by any means necessary 👏👏.”

Read more of the comments below:

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