Squash Responds to Reports of Him Being Shot “Luw Affa Mi Name” – Watch Video

Just hours ago, dancehall entertainer Squash went live on Instagram to clear up the allegations that have been circulating on multiple social media platforms about his involvement in the recent shooting in Lauderhill, Florida, which was reported to be related to a gang feud of Jamaican origin.

With an intro that sent hailings to his loyal supporters and fans, Squash stated that he does not usually initiate social media coverage to explain himself but, in this case, he thought it was necessary. “My ting annuh fi come pan Live and try explain…but yuh see now, dis serious, which the wul a mi love ones dem, mi fans dem concern bout 6iix Boss”, he relayed.


Squashing all the rumours that point to his death and convalescence due to gunshot wounds, the Ambala artiste pointed out that no one reported on or did any blogs about him dropping new singles and making waves on the music scene, but everyone wants to comment on things that link him to criminal activities.

“Mi well and love mi fans…Mi want unnuh know say mi deh yah and mi active,” he commented. Continuing he addressed the social media bloggers by declaring, “Please and thanks, unnuh stop the f**kery…A unnuh make tings bad fi ghetto yute like we…as unnuh hear say….6iix Boss get shot…unnuh run gone blog bout it. Look how much Bum**cl**t hit song me drop bredda, unnuh nah blog bout dem ennuh.”

He once again thanked all of his fans and supporters before stating that they should look forward to him releasing new music.

As a final footnote he reiterated that he was “well and alright” and as a notice to bloggers 6iix Boss vocalized, “unnuh just leave me alone bredda, make man live bredda, luw man make man survive bredda and stop mix up man innah nuh violence and crime…music man a do ova yahso bredda.”

Watch the video below:

He also uploaded a few pictures to his page that show the artiste in full health. The post was made with the caption, “Who god bless, no man curse 🤞🏽Ya man me see unuh dutty style dutty behavior dutty mind 🤔.” Squash was donning the same outfit that he wore in the video address, a combination of a red shirt, green joggers pants, clear glasses, and gold and silver accessories. In some of the photos, he was standing in front of a red sports car.

See the pictures below:

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