St. Andrew Woman Convicted of Murder For Setting Her Boyfriend Ablaze

February 10, 2023

A woman pleaded guilty to murder at the Home Circuit Court in Kingston on Thursday during Housen Blair’s murder trial. Serita Housen Blair confessed to pouring gasolene on her common-law husband, Kenton Brown, and setting him on fire in 2017 because of her cheating suspicions.

The prosecutors presented transcripts of Brown’s deathbed interview, wherein he detailed the night of the attack. Brown recounted to a police constable that he woke up in flames at his and Housen Blair’s shared home in St Andrew on May 23, 2017.


Before the incident, Housen Blair, who also goes by “Tasha” and “Aunty,” questioned Brown if he was in a relationship with a female friend, who had travelled with them and their children that morning to Faith’s Pen district in St Ann to clean his mother’s grave.

“Mi just smile an’ say no. Mi and di woman a family friend from long time. Den mi tell her say mi have work inna di morning and turn mi back and go sleep,” Brown told the constable hours after the incident.
Brown, a father of two children, also said, “Me ongle wake up fi find miself inna fire wid di woman stand up over me.”

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A resident at the premises witnessed Brown exiting his room while engulfed in flames “from his head to his feet” and heard him say that “Auntie” set him on fire. Before Brown died, Housen Blair, who will be sentenced on April 21, denied setting him ablaze, but she confessed in tears following his death.

The evidence shows that Brown and Housen Blair’s four-year relationship was turbulent and fraught with disputes. 



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