Stacious Robbed – Asks for Help to Recover USB with Tracks and Other Missing Items from Car – Watch Video

Dancehall entertainer Stacious has reported that her vehicle, which she calls Misty, was broken into early this morning and several items were stolen. She asks for help via social media in an effort to recover what was taken, especially her USB drives with music on them.

According to the recording artiste, her van was broken into Thursday morning by way of breaking the glass of one of the car’s rare doors. In the process of the robbery, the items taken were a bag with underwear, gym clothes (including gym gloves, boxing gloves, and a back brace), a gold watch, two USB drives, and a headphone.

“Dem bruk innah mi van…one of the most important tings dem weh dem tek out a mi headphone, and mi have two USB wid some tracks. Mi really need back dat,” said the entertainer.

Expressing that the other missing items were not as important as the stuff related to her music, she suggested, “Mi would a really love if mi could a get back dem two USB deh. Mi nuh know which part unnuh can drop dem and leff dem, and just make a link and seh yow dem deh right deh so go pick dem up. Trust mi, mi would a really appreciate it.”

Watch the full video below:

Uploading the video to Instagram, the Come Into My Room singjay captioned the post with the details of the robbery, stating, “Don’t know if this ever works for ppl……but I’m asking kindly to get the USBs back. Vehicle was broken into on Arnold rd 3am April 27th 2023. **the usb in the headphone bag…”

From the comment section, someone stated, “Smh 😒 these ppl nuh easy at all,” and another individual mentioned, “Jah this country is getting unbearable for people to live.”

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