Stefflon Don Seemingly Fires Another Round of Shots at Jada Kingdom, “You Can’t Stunt On Me With A Bag”

After their lyrical feud went viral on social media at the beginning of the year, causing a lot of controversy, the clash between Stefflon Don and Jada Kingdom died down. However, Stefflon Don seems to have fired off another shot in Jada’s direction with her latest release.

Stefflon Don collaborated with Blok3, a Turkish musical artiste, on the song Habibi, which was released on Thursday, May 9, 2024. Some lyrics from Stefflon Don, “I got two billion streams I need that in cash. Can’t flex on me you mad, yuh boyfriend love how mi ass so fat.”


She also goes on to say, “Don’t talk shit talk facts, I got plaques on platinum plaques. I got big yards, I got a Cullinan, you can’t stunt on me with a bag… Big thick gyal with a big nyash, I don’t pop pussy, I pop tags. Most these gyal can’t say that cah dem get fu**ed by the gang fi a one stack.”

The controversy and clash between the two artistes was centered around Burna Boy (Stefflon’s ex), and his gifting Jada Birkin bag(s).

Watch the short video clip below:

The majority of the new single is in a different language than English.

Listen below:

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