Stefflon Don Firing Shots at Jada Kingdom in New Song Preview According to Fans

Sunday, January 7, 2024, 9:16 AM

After posting a preview of her new song on the Dutty Money Riddim on social media, many fans are questioning whether Stefflon Don is taking shots at Jada Kingdom based on some of the song’s lyrics.

Recently, rumours of Jada dating Burna Boy, Stefflon’s ex, were circulating online, and around the same time a post was made by Stefflon calling someone a “whoring gyal”. However, Stefflon later set the record straight that she was not talking about Jada Kingdom.


This has not seemed to stop people from thinking there is some kind of beef between the two, however, especially with her new song preview. The 16 Shots deejay uploaded the sample to her Instagram account with the caption, “TOP GYAL NEVA SELL PUSSY YET. Stefflon Don Aka Don Cullinan 🇯🇲🇯🇲”.

In the song she stated, “Put the bu**y in a trance, you a wine you a jiggle. Two leg innah the air two hand pan eh nipple. Yuh nuh innah Dancehall…a run through a bag a man, one man innah yuh miggle.”

Stefflon also went on to sing, “Top gyal neva sell pussy yet, never f**k a man fi go land pan a jet. F**k my man gyal a box yuh fi get, tell a gyal say a dis mi a seh.”

Listen to the song preview below:

The comment section of the post blew up with fans wondering who the song was about and praises for Stefflon Don’s musical prowess. Roadtinguk asked, “Are you sending for Jada Kingdom 😮,” and another said, “UMMM ASKING FOR A FRIEND 😂😂 IS THIS FOR JADA??”

Read more comments below:

She later previewed another part of the song below:

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