Sting Confirms Malie Donn Vs Pablo YG Clash

Sting, cited as the greatest one-night Reggae and Dancehall show on earth, has officially announced the very first clash confirmed to unfold on December 26. The revelation was made via Instagram by Sting promoter Heavy D, who posted a short clip bearing the photos of Malie Donn and Pablo YG.

The clip declared a clash between the two dancehall artistes, which will be hosted at Plantation Cove in Priory, St. Ann. The video was posted hours ago with the caption, “#Sting2022 world war3 @malie_music @official_pablo_yg @reggaesting.”


In the comment section, amid the likes, one IG user seemed concerned about the two deejays keeping the clash a lyrical battle. “I hope them just sing it out and nuh fight,” the person wrote.

Sting Malie Don vs Pablo YG

The news comes more than a week after Pablo YG told The Fix podcast that he was open to going toe-to-toe with his rival at the grand event. Though he refrained from speaking about what started the feud between him and Mallie Donn, he had confirmed with one of the hosts that the feud was only musical.

Malie and Pablo have been taking shots at each other via their music for weeks. During the back-and-forth tit-for-tat, Pablo YG and Malie Donn constantly mention snatching their rival’s woman, leading people to speculate if they had a fallout over a girl.

Pablo also disrespected Malie’s mother, saying “s*ck yuh madda,” after Malie Donn had sung, “mi heart cold and a carry bagga vengeance, mi will murda yuh muma and tek a propa sentence.” The two dancehall artistes continued to take a grimy approach, slaughtering each other with lyrical death threats.

Watch the video posted on IG below:

Sting, which was last staged in 2015, was announced to be returning and that “15 top-ranked, lyrically savvy, and popular reggae and dancehall artistes” had already been booked. After the announcement was made in July, the organizers revealed that the line-up consists of Jahshii, Shaneil Muir, Skeng, Stalk Ashley, Moyann, Silk Boss, Jada Kingdom, Etana, Kabaka Pyramid, Jessie Royal, Christopher Martin, Shane O, Jahmiel, and more.

See poster below:

Sting 2022

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