Students Reportedly Getting High, Popping Molly and Having Sex at a High School in the Corporate Area

November 9, 2022

Instead of studying for final-year examinations, some students have reportedly taken over a classroom at a Corporate Area high school to house their illicit activities, such as engaging in sexual acts as they get high on marijuana and pop Molly. These pupils, who have blatantly ignored the school’s officials, have dubbed the classroom “The Club” to represent the immoral actions that began in mid-September.

The Jamaica Star reported that a source disclosed that the students use “Molly”, “ganja,” and “vape.” The source also said that “while dem having sex dem have other students a watch fi see if any teacher or adult coming in dat direction.” The activities of “The Club” would frequently start after lunch and usually end just before the final lesson of the day. The students were said to be partaking in these acts last Friday.


When the claims were brought to the principal’s attention, the allegation of sexual acts and Molly took him by surprise. He acknowledged that the school has been facing issues regarding marijuana smoking. The principal, who stressed that he was not an “office principal” because he was actively involved in everything on and around the compound, reported that the five students involved in the acts had been identified. He added that the parents were called, and the students were suspended from school.

Additionally, the teens would undergo drug testing and counselling at the National Council on Drug Abuse. Per the standard procedure, the students can only be accepted back into school after the institution receives a report from the agency.


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