Tami Chin Mitchell Shares Family Photo with Heartfelt Message – See Photo

Tami Chin Mitchell, the wife of Wayne Mitchell (more popularly known as Wayne Marshall), shared an heartfelt, emotional message to her Instagram account of her tight-knit family that was accompanied by a family photo.

The picture included three of her sons (two-year-old Oz, five-year-old Atlas, and eight-year-old Jaxen), her five-month-old daughter, Ivy Arrow, along with her loving husband, and herself. Missing from the picture is Gio Mar Mitchell, a 17-year-old from Wayne’s previous relationship who has followed in his dad’s footsteps of becoming an artiste.


Her first words attached to the picture is a line from the popular 1999 song I Knew I Loved You by Savage Garden, “I think I dreamed you into life.”

Expressing how blessed and loved she feels to have a family of her own with children she birthed, Tami stated, “I look around all the time and wonder if these little humans are really my children. I look at my husband and wonder if it’s really us, the same two young artists who met so many years ago and had this crazy connection.”

Tami went on to profess that love is a currency that never subtracts or divides, only adds and multiplies. “I look at this picture and I see my hopes and dreams in a moment, I see my past, present and future,” she states.

The musician went on to mention how she hopes that her children will realize and hold on to the bond and love that they share despite any obstacles they may face in the future, and never forget to take risks to achieve their dreams.

Finally, she left a special message to her husband that said, “Wayne, I just hope we get to be old and grey and look back and high five and smile and cry and laugh til our teeth fall out 😂. That is all.”

See the entire message below:

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