Tanto Blacks Addresses “Fraud Allegation!”

Following the recent events of Omar Johnson, better known as Poor and Boasy, being apprehended for fraud charges, Junior “Tanto Blacks” Henry, who was allegedly a wanted suspect in the case, has come forward with the intention of taking legal action for defamation of character.

Mr Henry was recently said to be wanted by officers of the Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigations Branch (CTOC) in connection with fraud-related charges after Mr Johnson appeared before the Kingston and St Andrew Court. At the courthouse on Tuesday, Mr Johnson, who won Magnum Kings and Queens in 2009, pled guilty to several fraud charges but claimed that he was innocent of a forgery charge and identified Mr Henry as a participant in the fraud case.

However, Mr Henry has released a statement, denying he had any involvement in the matter and disclosing that his attorney “Ainsworth Jones is in communication with CTOC to address and resolve these frivolous allegations.”

The statement “From The Desk Of Labella Christie” released on Instagram yesterday said that “the allegations of Fraud against Mr Junior Henry aka Tanto Blacks are simply meritless” and said that it was “nothing more than a failed attempt to defame and tarnish Mr Henry’s reputation.”

According to reports, Mr Johnson told Senior Parish Judge Lori-Anne Cole Montage that Mr Henry gave him an envelope containing a quantity of USD to exchange with a businessman for JM$70, 000 until they returned on June 8 to collect the US currency and repay the JM$70,000.

The businessman later discovered that the $1000 US notes he received were all fake and, in court, Mr Johnson said he was unaware of what was inside the envelope.

The press release posted on Tanto Blacks’ account stated, “Mr Henry did not give anyone any envelope containing cash or any other contents to exchange on his behalf. In fact the allegations are so in-credible that the accused Mr Omar Johnson aka Poor and Boasty himself had to admit to the ridiculous nature of his allegations in court.”

Following this release, Mr Henry decided to release a video showing he remains in good spirits, despite the negativity.

“Nobody nah look fi mi, over 10 police mi roll wid and if a police wah mi dem wudda call mi, dem wudda come and come lock mi up. Fraud allegation! Fraud, everything is fake,” he declared.

While declaring that the allegations, which he was made aware of via the press, are “fraud and fake,” he also added in the caption of his post that he would be suing “all parties involved in this defamation.”

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