Tanya Stephens Gives Intriguing Interview About Parenting, Not Needing Validation From Others And Performing On Sting 2023 – Watch Interview

Monday, December 25, 2023, 8:26 PM

Veteran Jamaican female artiste, Tanya Stephens declares explicitly that she’s not seeking any flowers nor validation from anyone or organizations within the music industry. The highly acclaimed songwriter made the admission as she discussed her career. The These Streets singer also shuns the Grammy Awards along with other musical awards and talks politics within the music industry.

Tanya Stephens, in an explosive interview, says none of the current awards shows is credible based on her experience, especially the regional music awards, she also disclosed that the promoters of these awards treat artistes badly.


“One year one award show call me and seh me nominated fi four award… and dem waa me perform and me tell dem seh me nah perform, it cut two awards and me nuh win none and dem did seh me nominated fi four and me a win three,” Tanya recounted.

She continued by asking, “Now if my nominations and wins are affected by my willingness to perform how credible is that?” Tanya went on to say that her main goal in music is to please her fans.

As her interview with The Fix became more revealing, Tanya talked about how her life changed during motherhood, as she revealed the hilarious and memorable moment she discovered that her adult daughter was a smoker. “Me smoke so me a seh but wah kinda a hypocrisy this stop the foolishness and then me go to her and me a be like so yuh smoke, yuh caa roll spliff?” Tanya disclosed.

According to Tanya, her early journey into motherhood was not all fun as she faced a variety of challenges along the way because she was poor at the time.

Returning to discuss music, Tanya gave her views on the state of dancehall, she suggested that dancehall artistes should take the music business much more seriously and professionally. Tanya did not spare any punches as she blasted local music fans for not giving local veteran artistes the respect she thought they deserved.

She also talked about the importance of Sting in the dancehall culture and looking forward to performing on the upcoming show.

See the video below:

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