Taxi Drivers Rave in Clarendon As The Protests Continue – Watch Videos

Amid the all-island strike by taxi drivers in protest against being ignored repeatedly when they requested a traffic ticket amnesty, drivers have taken to raving in the streets of Clarendon.

Although some motorists have remained working, including those in Port Antonio, the majority of Jamaica’s Public transportation workers have lined the streets in protest as their wishes go unanswered. Some drivers have even gone as far as to sabotage other taxi owners by intimidating passengers into leaving the vehicles or deliberately giving red-plate taxis flat tires.


However, the May Pen public transport sector put a unique spin on protesting, with their version including music, alcohol, and dancing in the streets. The Clarendon residents and drivers who parked their cars along the roadway gathered together on the street in what seemed to be a huge party. The lively celebration was highlighted by Blak Ryno’s Thug Anthem blaring from one of the parked cars. Protesters and citizens alike could be seen ‘bussing blanks’ to the popular 2009 song.

Not everyone was enjoying the festivities, however, as Twitter commenters voiced their opinions on unlawful proceedings. After the Jamaica Observer posted the video on their Twitter account, someone stated, “This is May Pen…. No police in sight with the station in walking distance. Who is in charge ??,” while another individual pointed out, “Police should drive up with couple wreckers and start tek weh car, so much road law being broken in this video.”

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