Teejay Shares His “Knowledge” Of The Music Business And Reveals That Dancehall Is Declining Internationally – Watch Video

Friday, December 22, 2023, 12:49 PM

Dancehall star Teejay shares his knowledge about the music industry with his colleagues via a live chat and urges other dancehall artistes to study the music business inside out if they want to take their careers to higher heights.

The From Rags To Riches artiste did not hold back his thoughts as he revealed that dancehall is currently in a state of decline.


Teejay started his information sharing by giving a personal experience he had with securing his masters for one of his songs via a legal battle and the imperative lesson he learnt following the battle in the courts.

“Me learn seh as an artiste do not voice a song and when yuh come out a e studio you and that producer or whosoever seh dem build the riddim don’t have a contract saying yuh own yuh masters or them give yuh exclusive rights to yuh masters zeen me gee dem, do not left the studio if that nuh sign me a tell uno from now, a one a the greatest thing that me do with Drift,” Teejay explained.

As he continued his seemingly noble gesture to enlighten artistes and fans of dancehall, Teejay said that dancehall was doing the worst of all genres in terms of numbers and that industry players must change the current trajectory of the music by following best practices.

Amidst pointing out the multiple challenges facing the genre’s growth internationally, Teejay offered a solution he is currently utilising. However, his solution was geared to artistes who already have a hit and want to capitalise on its success.

“We haffi go out deh go promote we self and nuh listen to wah some people wah seh breda, weh tell yuh bout a old song that and yuh a get lazy now. Me study the game man and this shit easy, me tell uno and uno feel a joke, easy and a one song me a use dweet to enuh, caa me is boy enuh me love prove to people enuh.”

He continues, “a so me tan enuh seh me caa dweet youth me a prove it, one song me a use dweet and a straight back to summer we go back go Drift,” Teejay outlined.

See the video below:

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