Teen Drives Car into Mother Walking on Sidewalk With Her Baby – Watch Video

A teen driver recklessly drove into a mother walking with her baby in a stroller on the sidewalk in Los Angeles, USA. And in the resurfaced footage, a quick-thinking motorist can be seen stopping the 16-year-old as he attempts to flee.

As the car came down the street, the mother attempted to position herself and her child out of harm’s way, bracing herself against a wall on the sidewalk.

But the teen, speeding down the wrong way on the one-way street, swerves and hits the woman and the stroller.

Thrown onto the car’s hood after the collision and back to the ground, the woman quickly gets up to check on her infant as the driver, Kristopher Baca, tries to flee the scene.

However, a motorist coming from the other end of the street prevented Baca’s attempt to hit and run, ploughing his pickup truck into the car Baca was driving.

According to reports, Baca had stolen the vehicle.

Watch the video below.


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