Terrifying Home Invasion by Jamaicans Caught on Camera - Watch Video

A video circulating across several social media spaces shows two members of the Asian community in Jamaica being held hostage inside their home by two suspected robbers. It appeared to be a home invasion captured by a camera within the house. At the start of the video, a man whit his face fully disguised and a crowbar in his hand can be seen accosting a female Asian woman demanding she gives him money or she will die.

As the video continued, another intruder emerged and began to drape an Asian male, who appeared to be the partner of the female victim. The intruder then dragged the male by his shirt collar, whose hands were bound, to the room the first intruder was occupying.


The robbers continued to interrogate the male victim by asking him. “Weh di money boy, Which part it deh?” the female victim seems to comply with the demands by directing them to a different section of the house while requesting the intruders to put on some clothes, to which the robbers replied, “which clothes!”

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Momentarily, after the victims got dragged into another room, the video ended. So it is unclear what took place next or what occurred to the suspected victims.

 Members of the Asian community seem to be an easy target for criminals, given that a slew of viral videos shows members of the ethnic group getting robbed and even killed. The location of where the incident occurred is unknown at this time.

Watch the video below:

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