The 10 Most Popular Rivers in Jamaica

Among Jamaica‘s most popular attractions are the pristine rivers, which allow locals and tourists to have a peaceful time along the water or dive in and engage in thrilling water activities. This top-ten list of the most popular rivers in Jamaica was curated by Yardhype, based on their popularity and relevance in 2024.

This list is in no particular order. The list features White River, Rio Grande, Rio Cobre, Nanny Falls, Black River(YS Falls), Reggae Falls, Martha Brae, Caymanas River, Dunn’s River, and Milk River.


 1. White River (Old Spanish Bridge)

White River, flowing beneath the Old Spanish Bridge, reportedly built in the 17th century by the island’s colonisers, is a famous location in Jamaica. Both Jamaicans and tourists are lured to the amazing spot, which is located in a lush area on the border of St. Mary and St. Ann.

The bridge entices visitors to engage in the exhilarating rope-swinging activity by holding onto the ropes tied to the nearby trees and jumping from the middle of the bridge into the water. Adventurers also enjoy simply diving into the shimmering clear-blue water, tubing, swimming, and fishing. 

2. Rio Grande

The Rio Grande, a river surrounded by vegetation in Portland, is well known for its bamboo river rafting activity, which always attracts many celebrities and public figures. The excursion lasts 2 to 3 hours, carrying visitors down one of Jamaica’s longest rivers.

The attraction has, in recent times, ignited a trend in which numerous visitors make their rafting experiences a festive occasion. Aside from twerking on bamboo rafts, visitors also immerse themselves in the tranquil limestone massages given by rafters.

3. Rio Cobre

Flowing through St. Catherine is the Rio Cobre River, which has several bridges built over it. The Flat Bridge, built before 1774, is the most popular and oldest bridge of them all.

The river flows through the Bog Walk Gorge and into Kingston Harbour at Hunts Bay. Locals are at times seen diving into the cool water, which supplies approximately 150,000 people with fresh water.


4. Nanny Falls

In Portland, tourists enjoy visiting Nanny Falls, which is a short walk uphill from the end of Moore Town. The hike to the majestic falls makes the trip a beautiful adventure.

Nanny Falls, nestled in greenery, is named after Jamaica’s national heroine, Nanny of the Maroons. The water, which cascaded down the cliff into the pool below, was used by Nanny as healing water.

5. Black River (YS Falls)

On the south coast of Jamaica is a stunning river adorned by lush gardens and trees called YS Falls. YS Falls boasts seven waterfalls, which cascade into natural pools that visitors can swim in. Black River is the capital of St. Elizabeth Parish, in southwestern Jamaica.

Among the fun activities that the area offers are rope-swinging, ziplining, canopy rides, river tubing, and jumping from the falls into the beautiful water. Aside from the adventurous activities, visitors also enjoy simply taking in the scenic view of the mountains.

6. Reggae Falls

Reggae Falls is located in an area called Hillside in St. Thomas. The river is also known as the Dam Head by the locals, who enjoy visiting the area that is nestled in the countryside.

Reportedly, Reggae Falls was created as a part of a hydroelectric project in 1920. The area attracts residents who climb the craggy paths, dip their feet in the shallow streams, and swim in the cool water.

7. Martha Brae

Martha Brae River is located in a small rural community named Martha Brae in Trelawny on the north coast. The green river is surrounded by a lush rainforest.

One of the most popular attractions at the river is bamboo rafting under the canopy of bamboo and fruit trees. The relaxing excursion can last over an hour, a time in which visitors enjoy the elements of nature.

8. Caymanas River

Residents and visitors in St. Catherine enjoy the clear water that flows at the Caymanas River. The attraction boasts benches and tables along the riverbank, which is also adorned by scattered lush trees.

Aside from sitting and watching, visitors swim and enjoy sunbathing on rocks. Many adults take their children to the popular spot, allowing them to play in the water.

9. Dunn’s River

Many visitors to the island swarm the Dunn’s River’s Falls near Ocho Rios, in St. Ann. Dunn’s River Falls is surrounded by greenery, and the water flows into the Caribbean Sea.

Many visitors enjoy climbing the rocky waterfall, which is a popular activity. Other visitors prefer to take the stairs built alongside the falls, which is easier and lets them avoid getting drenched.

10. Milk River

On the south coast of Jamaica lies the soothing healing waters of the Milk River, located between Clarendon and Manchester. The area was discovered in the 18th century by a slave who used the water on his wounds, which were reportedly later healed.

Public baths were built in 1974, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the water and experience its healing properties. Visitors enjoy activities such as swimming, diving, ziplining, and massages at the Milk River Hotel & Spa.

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