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Wendy Sellers is comprehended as The HR Lady. She is a professional who assists businesses in establishing HR policies and practices, employee training, and management workshops in pursuit of their goals and values. As an HR newcomer, I learned that It must jump hoops and hurdles to work correctly. She’s authentic, transparent, and gets results by focusing on results, action, and challenge, and she never has any hidden agenda. She’s The HR Lady: Realistic, Honest, and Reliable.

The HR Lady Services

Through an extensive range of courses, seminars, and workshops that focus on topics such as team building, communication skills development, and leadership training, The HR Lady Services works with clients to identify objectives and outcomes that will bring positive results for the organization. Services include:

Supervisor/ Manager Training

Train leaders in providing employees the skills and opportunities to participate in positive change, higher retention, and lower turnover. Focusing on feedback, company values, and change management are just a few approaches that will help!


In her two books, Wendy Sellers, HR Lady, has not sugar-coated any of it at any point—and her communication is direct. Become a better leader. Focus on developing trust and respect.

DiSC Personality Assessments

Recognize yourself, your coworkers, and your employees to get them to do precisely what you want them to do. Minimize turnover, improve engagement, and increase production with Gestalt Coaching.


A lively interactive seminar digs into specific skills attendees can use right away. These sessions can happen virtually or in person. Let’s improve your culture today.

HR Advisory Services

Services such as HR advice, recruiting, & coaching can be custom tailored to your company by inserting an HR audit, policy review, and development & compensation studies in your responsibilities.

Customizable HR and management tools:

Available from now: downloadable software with design and performance tools to help you focus on your staff. Get a handbook, job description templates, survey templates, and more.

Other Benefits that you can get at The HR Lady

At The HR Lady, employees can expect to gain more than manager training. From industry-specific topics such as finance and marketing to interpersonal skills like communication and problem-solving, The HR Lady offers advice tailored specifically to each business’s needs. With decades of experience in the field, Wendy Sellers provides valuable insight into building strong employee relationships while also developing great leaders who can maximize productivity. Other services include:

  • Get Your HR Needs Met
  • Effective People Management, Full Course $500
  • People Stay for The Workplace Culture, and Managers
  • Effective people management courses
  • On-demand training
  • Free – Ten Minute Manager Training Course


Wendy Sellers is genuinely an expert in HR. She has the knowledge and experience to help businesses create a healthy and productive work environment. With her assistance, businesses can better define their goals and strategies and establish HR policies to ensure success. Wendy’s insight and passion for helping companies reach their full potential are remarkable. Her dedication to creating positive working environments is something all businesses should strive for.

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