“They’re All Scammers” A’mari Calls Out Ivany and RT Boss for Asking for Money on TikTok – Watch Video

In a video almost a minute and a half long, A’mari takes aim at a few Jamaican influencers who she believes to be scammers.

It is the age of social media and influencers and platforms such as TikTok that allow regular citizens to make money by promoting brands, products, and even themselves online. However, according to Amari, some of these influencers are scammers.


“They’re all scammers. Bling is a scammer, RT is a scammer, Ivany is a scammer,” she started off her speech. In light of Ivany’s recent lock up and pending court appearance, Amari spoke out about people giving any sort of donation for Ivany’s son because “the child will be more than provided for and protected by CPS (Child Protective Services), by the American government.”

She moved on to state that Ivany is a grown woman who made her own choices and questions why people are worried about her decisions after she was warned.

RT Boss is collecting money on TikTok to aid Ivany’s legal expenses and in response to that Amari says, “before I give a dollar to these people, I’ll rather use it and wipe my uzi and burn it…how do you know if a lawyer is really getting that money or not?” Giving her two cents, A’mari thinks Ivany should learn her lesson the hard way as there is no guarantee that she will change her ways if people keep bailing her out of trouble.

Watch the video below:

In response to A’mari’s speech, henessy_flavor said, “Has u come from hospital u gone in the plp them business…all now u no learn u lessons,” while sheek_menace stated, “Stop talking about ppl you don’t learn do ya.”

On the other hand, alliyah589 agreed, “Yes Mina e wul a dem a scamma,” and faye4833 wrote, “This is one time i agree with you.”

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