This is How JLP Supporter’s Leg Got Severed in Nomination Day Freak Accident

Friday, February 9, 2024, 4:07 PM

A freak accident during the activities of Nomination Day resulted in a gruesome incident that caused a woman to lose her leg. 

The woman, Ann-Marie Bruce, was rushed to the Princess Margaret Hospital in St. Thomas on Thursday after a truck that she was aboard struck a barrier, severing her foot.


According to the report, a group of Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) supporters were travelling on the back of a truck. 

The driver attempted to veer away from a collision but collided with the embankment instead. Ann-Marie, one of the passengers on the back of the truck, was badly injured when her foot struck a stone within the embankment, resulting in the severing of her foot.

Speaking on her condition, member of parliament for St. Thomas Western, James Robertson, told the Jamaica Star that Ann-Marie is “injured badly” since “she lost a leg,” but “she is stable.”

Robertson assured that Ann-Marie, who resides in Mount George, Yallahs, will recover, adding that he stayed at the hospital until he was confident of this. 

Additionally, he mentioned that another individual was undergoing X-rays at the hospital but assured that he was “not in any danger.”

Robertson, who described the incident as “very unfortunate,” emphasised the significance of practising safety and being responsible when participating in such events.

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