This Photograph Is Expected To Be Sold For A Jaw-Dropping Amount

A 1924 black and white photograph showing a woman’s body transformed into a violin with soundholes, is expected to create history as the most expensive single photo to ever be sold at an auction.

The photograph is known as “Le Violin d’Ingres” and was created by an American visual artist known as Man Ray. This photograph is considered to be the artist’s most famous masterpiece and is highly anticipated to be sold for a whopping $5-7 million when it is auctioned in May at Christie’s, a British auction house.

The International Head of Photographs at Christie’s – Darius Himes has also called the photo “one of the most iconic works of the 20th century”. He went further to add that “This beguiling Surrealist image is the result of a unique and hand-manipulated darkroom process.”

Born Emmanuel Radnitzky and lived for 86 years from 1890, Ray played an integral role in the Dada and Surrealism movements. His iconic photograph was acquired by an art collector and retail executive couple named Rosalind Gersten Jacobs and Melvin Jacobs in 1962, who are now deceased.

This photograph along with other valuables will be auctioned by the deceased couple’s daughter – Peggy Jacobs Bader, who is also the executor of their estate. In a statement, Peggy mentioned how the photograph reflects a unique and intimate story behind her parents’ relationship.

Check out Man Ray’s iconic photograph below:

Le Violin d’Ingres

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