Tommy Lee’s Daughter Awarded Most Outstanding Performance for the 2022 Academic Year at Her School – See Post and Watch Video

Dancehall artiste Tommy Lee Sparta was filled with pride as he happily announced that his daughter, Zoria Russell, was awarded the most outstanding performance for the 2022 academic year at her school.

Tommy Lee, born Leroy Russell Junior, is currently serving a three-year prison sentence for the illegal possession of a firearm and a two-year sentence for the illegal possession of ammunition. The deejay pleaded guilty to both offences in 2021 after he was initially arrested in December 2020, and both sentences are running concurrently.

The Flankers, Mobay, native is the father of seven children, whom he does not fail to talk about on his social media, at times sending them birthday wishes and reflecting on how they are growing up. On Friday, Tommy Lee shared that his daughter Zoria, a sixth grader at Success Preparatory and Kindergarten, received an award for her exceptional academic achievements last year.

While expressing how proud he was, the Spartan Soldier deejay jokingly warned any “f…boys” who were out there that he and her brothers would be watching and shared a video of an overzealous grandfather punching out his granddaughter’s boyfriend.

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After fathering his first child at age 14 and then a second while he was still in school, Tommy Lee dropped out of high school in grade 10 to help take care of his children. Before rising to success with hits such as Psycho, the artiste worked on construction sites and hustled for an income to provide for his children. While speaking to the Jamaica Star in 2017, Tommy Lee said that having a child that young was not good, but he did not regret it.

View the post and watch the video below:

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