Tony Matterhorn’s Wife Disses Him Online and Reveals Cheating Saga – See Videos

Wife of veteran dancehall selector Tony Matterhorn expressed her anger as she exposed her husband’s infidelity; Bella says her cup was filled and overflowing as she has been holding back the pain she has been experiencing due to her husband’s multiple affairs. According to Bella whose real name is Shanice “Bella” Taylor, she is tired of the disrespect directed at her from Matterhorn’s sidechicks, baby mothers, family members, and him walking out on her.

The mother claims that as soon as Matterhorn, 51, got his American citizenship, he decided to leave her and her young child. Bela says it was a plan all along by the selector to abandon her, despite her being faithful throughout the years, dedicating her time to finishing nursing school and having his back.


“This is what you planned when you got your citizenship; you done wid me wheater I’m up or not it’s duces, no me a talk, disrespect me to me family how him nuh want me, alright I don’t want you either nigger, but it’s the respect, a the respect, this cant fix you chest out a one month me a wul it you walk out,” Bela declared via Instagram Live.

Bella also revealed that Tony Matterhorn put his hands on her and did not offer an apology; she went on to describe the selector as an ungrateful person as she claimed that a lot of Matterhorn selector friends need help with their papers and he has not offered a helping hand to them.

Bella acknowledged that multiple people warned her that Matterhorn wasn’t in her league and she should have picked a better partner, but she insisted on continuing the relationship.

In closing, Bella launched a full-scale vocal assault on the selector by stating, “Go suck out yuh real mother, pressure bust pipe suck out yuh real muma and go suck out you gal mek you and you gal come defend it anything do me a uno.”

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Bela Addressing Tony Matterhorn


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