Top 10 Biggest Stories of February 2024 in Jamaica

On the heels of the drama-dominated month of January, February has also left its mark by generating some spotlight-worthy stories of its own. 

Some of these stories include, but are not limited to, the Bob Marley movie premiere, Peter Morgan’s death, Vybz Kartel’s appeal, the Rita and Cindy saga, and the local government elections.

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The following list will contain ten of February’s most talked-about stories in no particular order.

1. Peter Morgan’s Death

We kick start the list with the news of the lead singer of the Reggae group Morgan Heritage and beloved entertainer Peter ‘Peetah’ Morgan passing away at 46 years old on February 25, 2024. His death was announced by his family members via social media. Reports stated that the cause of his death was a stroke which left him hospitalized for weeks prior to his death. 

2. The Bob Marley Movie

Next up we look back on the highly anticipated Bob Marley Biopic that was released on February 14, 2024. The movie surpassed its expected earnings on the first day, and set a new record in the United States making US$14M, and US$19.4M worldwide. In the following days, the biopic was labelled as the second-largest music biopic after hitting around US$80M at the global box office.

Directed by Ziggy Marley, the roles of Bob and Rita Marley were played by actors Kingsley Ben-Adir and Lashana Lynch respectively. 

3. YG Marley Billboard Debut

YG Marley

Third on our list is the success of YG Marley whose December 2023 release of ‘Praise Jah in the Moonlight’ made its debut on the hot 100 billboard chart at #74. The song then moved up the charts to #60 and after a slight fluctuation where it dropped 3 places to #63, it climbed even higher once more to land at spot #39. The song has only been on the chart for 4 weeks. 

4. The Rita and Cindy saga

rita marley
Rita Marley

Before the release of the Bob Marley biopic in mid February, an interview surfaced of the entertainer’s love affair partner, Cindy Breakspear, where she spoke about her time with Bob Marley and how he professed his love for her on many occasions.

She also mentioned that she got along with his mother and his wife Rita Marley, despite the huge public backlash they faced for their relationship. The public opinion on the matter cast Rita in the role of wife, and Cindy in the role of ‘side chick’.

The saga was later kicked up a notch with the exclusion of Bob and Cindy’s entanglement from the film. Damion Marley, Cindy’s son, was also left out as a character in the movie. According to Mickey Spartan, a friend of Cindy’s, the movie was a “family affair” given that the producers listed for the movie were family members, thus, making the movie an unofficial telling of Bob’s life story.

5. The Local Government Elections

Next up on our list is the controversy of the local government elections that took place on Monday, February 26, 2024. Many Jamaicans went to vote for their respective Members of Parliament (MP) and waited with bated breath for the results to be issued the following day.

However, as time went by and updates given did not encompass the final results, the public began to wonder what was taking so long for the ballots to be counted and the votes finalised. As the final results are still pending, Jamaicans are left waiting. 

6. Fastest Female Kid in the World is Jamaican

Bella Brown

Jamaicans celebrated another win on the track when eight-year-old Bella Brown earned the title of ‘Fastest Kid in the World Girls U8 55m.’ Competing in the finals of the under 8 girls 60m race at the Millrose Games (held in New York), Brown came first ahead of nine other girls, clocking a time of 8.66 seconds. 

7. Teejay’s Engagement

Teejay and Tionna

Social media was stirred into a frenzy when Jamaican Dancehall artiste Teejay proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Tionna Porter, over dinner by holding out a ring box in her direction while he remained seated at the dinner table.

The proposal garnered both positive and negative attention as some fans were happy for the couple while others aired their thoughts about his non-traditional approach to the proposal instead of getting down on one knee. Teejay later replied to the backlash from the public by stating that getting down on one’s knee is not proof of loving your partner more. 

8. Julian Marely Grammy

Photo: David I. Muir

On Sunday, February 4, 2024, Julian Marley (along with his producer Antaeus) won the award for the Best Reggae Album at the 66th staging of the Grammy’s for their collaboration on ‘Colors of Royal.’ The album was released in April 2023 and features 8 tracks including The Tide is High, Made For Your Love, and Robbed. 

9. Kartel Appeal

Up next is the final appeal of Dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel with the Privy Council which took place on February 14-15 over live-stream. Kartel’s (and his co-appellants) freedom hinges on the decision made after the hearing with the Privy Council which is said to be issued in coming months. After years behind bars for the murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams, the curtains on the court saga of whether Kartel will be set free (due to the inconsistencies and mismanagement of the court case) or not are close to being closed. 

10. Medikk’s Remains Suspectedly Found

Last but not least on the list is the suspected remains of missing Dancehall entertainer Stephany ‘Medikk’ Williams. Medikk was reported missing in August of 2023 and recent reports from the JCF (Jamaica Constabulary Force) state that the skeletal remains of a female believed to be that of the artiste was found in a cane field in St. Catherine.

DNA results are pending to determine if the remains actually belong to the female entertainer.

Honourable Mentions

Although not in the top ten list, some honourable mentions include social media couple Queen Ladi Gangsta and her husband Dowey reuniting, both set to host an upcoming reality show called ‘Girls World’. Candy Wow also revealed that her partner proposed to her, with a wedding date set for March 23, 2024. 

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