Top 6 Famous People Who Use Kratom

It’s becoming increasingly popular in the USA to indulge in a kratom high. Enthusiasts claim this trendy herbal supplement stimulates in low doses and acts as an opioid-like painkiller and sedative in larger quantities.

Even celebrities are hopping on the botanical bandwagon. After sampling kratom powder (view this page), some stars note positive results and proudly advocate for the plant’s benefits.


Read on to discover the six famous people who believe in the power of this herb.

1. Joe Rogan

Joseph James Rogan is a podcaster, comedian, and former television presenter. The star hosts The Joe Rogan Experience, where he discusses topics like current events, politics, and science with various guests.

Rogan recorded several podcasts on the health benefits of kratom and why he uses certain strains. The celebrity states the herb is a “miracle plant” and alleges he experienced firsthand the advantages of consuming the supplement.

While dealing with chronic knee pain, Rogan discovered the botanical and claims a daily kratom high keeps the discomfort under control. He describes small doses of the plant as having a mild-stimulating effect, similar to a cup of coffee.

The star seems to be a fan of the Asian botanical and believes scientists should conduct more research on kratom. Joe Rogan states the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) should invest money into understanding more about the herb. These studies will help the public make informed choices about using the supplement.

2. Hamilton Morris

Hamilton Morris is a documentarian and chemist. He created and directed the Vice TV show Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia, which explores psychoactive drugs’ history, chemistry, and societal impacts.

Morris covered the herb in an episode called “Kratom: The Forbidden Leaf.” The journalist travels to southern Thailand to investigate the plant’s pharmacology and traditional uses. He speaks with local laborers who chew the tree’s leaves to energize themselves for repetitive manual tasks.

The scientist later tries kratom himself. While he doesn’t choose to take the supplement daily, he supports further research on its benefits. Morris believes the herb is an effective way to wean people off opiates and painkillers.

3. Jessamyn Duke

Jessamyn Laurel Duke is a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter and professional wrestler who incorporates kratom into her training. The athlete competes in elite competitions such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and appears on World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

In a 2016 interview, Duke mentioned how kratom decreased her muscle fatigue pre-and post-workout. The star learned about the botanical from a relative and began consuming it after intense exercise sessions. She also claimed the herb relaxed her and eased stress when other wellness alternatives failed. 

After hearing her acquaintances’ success stories about using the plant, Duke included kratom in her core supplement regimen. The fighter credits the herb for her ability to walk into events refreshed, with minimal to no soreness. Consuming the plant is one of her daily habits for a healthy life

4. Chris Bell

Writer, producer, and director Chris Bell is famous for his documentaries, including Bigger, Stronger, Faster, Prescription Thugs, and Trophy Kids. The filmmaker focuses on drug-related issues plaguing athletes and the general public.

After a double hip replacement, doctors prescribed Bell strong opioid painkillers, and he soon realized he might be addicted to them. He began a search for a natural alternative and discovered kratom.

Former WWE wrestler Matthew Wiese told Chris Bell he was taking the herb as part of his recovery from a massive stroke. He suggested Bell try some for pain relief. The celebrity began ingesting kratom each morning and found the supplement effectively relieved his discomfort and desire for the medications. 

Bell became so passionate about the plant that he created the 2018 film A Leaf of Faith. The documentary covers his experiences with kratom and how he feels the plant is the cure for the opioid epidemic. 

Unintentional prescription painkiller overdoses are the leading cause of accidental deaths in the US. Bell believes the herb is a safe way to wean individuals off opioids with no deadly side effects or withdrawals.

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5. Mark Bell

Mark “Smelly” Bell, Chris’ younger brother, is an entrepreneur, inventor, and one of the top ten powerlifters of all time. The star used his experience as a professional athlete to build the renowned Super Training Gym. He’s also become one of the most visible online fitness gurus, with over 600,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Chris encouraged Mark to try kratom as a pre-workout after his positive experiences with the herb. Although initially skeptical, Mark found the plant made him happier during training, which improved his lifting. The celebrity also claims the supplement helps with his creativity and suppresses his appetite during fasting.

Bell believes kratom really works as an effective booster before exercise and started his own company to sell the herb. Mind Bullet sells premium capsules containing 100% pure Mitragyna speciosa in variants for clarity or relaxation.

6. Shayna Baszler

Shayna Andrea Baszler is a professional wrestler, kickboxer, and former mixed martial artist. Also known as the “Queen of Spades,” the athlete performs on the WWE’s SmackDown brand. She’s also the longest-reigning NXT women’s champion in the company’s history. 

The star lights up on how kratom brings her success in the ring, claiming the supplement helps reduce her recovery times. Consuming the herb as a pre-workout supplement ensures she starts every training session fresh and without discomfort from previous exercises.

Combining Baszler’s strict diet and regular workout schedule with kratom helps the celeb elevate her fitness and progress in her wrestling career. 

Elevate Your Wellness With Kratom 

Are you searching for a natural stimulant to boost your energy? Kratom has many reported health advantages that consumers can’t get enough of. Why not consider joining these famous names in using the supplement to elevate your wellness?

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