Trial Judge Ruled That Ninja Man and Co-accused All Have Case To Answer

A judge in the Supreme Court in downtown Kingston has ruled that veteran entertainer Ninja Man and the two men on trial with him for murder all have a case to answer.

The ruling was reportedly handed down today by presiding judge Justice Martin Gayle.

The ruling came after prosecutors closed their case with a total of seven witnesses have been called by prosecutors, including three civilians, reports say.

According to information received Gladstone Wilson, Clayton’s attorney, presented legal arguments asking Gayle to rule his client had no case to answer. Attorneys representing Ninja Man and his son opted not to make no-case submissions, reports say.

In 2009, Ninja Man was arrested and charged along with his son, Janeil, and another man, Dennis Clayton, for the fatal shooting of Ricardo Johnson that same year.

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Marvin Green

if you do the crime do the time. what if it was my family or your family a man is just a man.

Dang Erous

Smh…a next 35 years sorry Fi u don, but ur fault

Maurice Johnson

Fuk ninja ppl look up to dem man ya on u a kill ppl go do the BBC time pussyhole

Jourel Morgan

No sin go unpunished my friend. God is a patient God

Gerald Mccormack

That news a go give I’m one more heart attack