Trinidad James Likes Drake’s Pink Painted Nails But Says, “His Nails Aint Better Than Mine” and Shows Off His Nail Design That Cost $7000

A day ago, Trinidad James revealed how excited he was about Drake’s painted nails as he put his support behind the chart-topping artiste who joined the trend of male celebrities wearing nails painted in various colours.

James is so enthusiastic about the rapper’s bizarre behaviour, as seen by many, that he’s offering to help Drake’s manicure rise even higher.

James believes he can bring a unique touch to the already bold style of Drake by using his expertise and experience to complement his skills. Creating art is James’ passion, and he believes that nails are an extension of a person’s creativity and an extension of who they are as individuals.

In addition, he hopes that his manicure will help Drake make a more significant statement in the community. The rapper also says it will serve as an inspiration to other artistes to push the boundaries of gender.

James outlines that his current nail job cost him $7,000 to get done.

According to James, getting one’s nails done has traditionally been considered a feminine style since it has been associated with women since the inception of painted nails.

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In recent years, however, there have been examples of male celebrities, such as Lil Yachty and Machine Gun Kelly, who have challenged the norms by wearing manicured nails in full view of the public.

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See Drake sporting his controversial look below:

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