Tripplegs Drops New Music Video ft. Connect Entitled ‘Whine’ – Watch Video

Saturday, June 8, 2024, 7:05 PM

Upcoming talent in the music industry Tripplegs has released a new single in collaboration with entertainer Connect. The song, produced by Tripple G Records, was released on Saturday, June 8, 2024.

A mixture of Afrobeats and Reggae, the song speaks about a man who is enamoured with a woman whom he meets for the first time. Some lyrics, “Excuse me girl but I gotta ask you something, do you believe in love at first sight? Or you just wanna chill for the night…”


The music video features both artistes having a one-on-one moment separately with two females in a private space.

Tripplegs (right) Connect (left)

Just like the video the track details the entertainers’ pursuit of the female whom they feel a strong connection with, especially the females’ dance moves. “Mi love di way yuh whine, whine, whine, whine, love di way you whine for me. Is just the way yuh move your body, baby all eyes on you,” Tripplegs sings.

Connect then comes in with a more hardcore vibe, deejaying, “Bad gyal a yuh mi like fi si…up innah mi bed till mi affi fight fi dis. Baby yuh got di type a grip, when you drop it, it bounce like hydraulics.”

Watch the video and listen to the song below:

Although he has experienced multiple setbacks, Tripplegs is determined to break out into the music industry, bringing his unique mix of Reggae, Hip Hop, and Dancehall. Other notable songs by the artiste include Pain, Angella, and Wine Up.

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