Twin Of Twins Tulox Disses Shenseea For Sex Confession

Shenseea has once again taken over the headlines with a shocking sexual confession that didn’t sit well with many people. The internet has been debating Shenseea’s publicly announced sexual desire of wanting to try anal sex again after the first time wasn’t successful.

Twins Of Twins Tulox, who felt very upset about Shenseea’s confession on Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast, decided to speak out. On Instagram, Tulox posted the video clip of Shenseea confessing and wrote a long caption expressing how he felt.


“No @Shenseea mi love you as person but you gone too far now !!! HE/SHE who stands for nothing falls for anything!!(Malcom x) unnuh a run come bout money and a bag a f@cry but always remember “ what is sweet to the mouth bitter to di belly !! Dong even mention badmind because if a dem thing yah unnuh a promote and wah mi quiet MI BADMIND YOU FU@CK… unnuh a f@ck up the formula weh the elders set …. Whole a unnuh sell out unnu culture fi money… hope when unnuh time pass and all you have is money and no soul you still feel the same when u 50 and cah hol in you s@ht… this my opinion on an interview you publicly did… #saveourculture DI WHOLE A UNNUH A SLAVE… SWIPE LEFT…” he captioned the two slide post.

The second slide showed a picture of Marcus Garvey that said “we are going to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery because whilst others might free the body, none but ourselves can free the mind”.

Sometime after he made the post, it was reported and removed. Tulox then returned to his Instagram feed with another post to address the matter.

“Keep reporting my post !!! I will remain morally grounded until the fat lady sings…” the picture of his post read, while below the image he captioned it “TEK IT DUNG ALL UNNU WANT MI NAH CHANGE FI ACHIEVE CHANGE… IF YOU GET IT YOU GET IT !!”

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