U.S Barber Gunned Down While On The Job – Watch Video

A barber from the United States was gunned down by an unknown assailant at his workplace, while a male client who appeared to have just gotten a fresh haircut was seated in the chair. The barbershop was occupied by the victim, his coworker, and two clients when the incident took place.

The footage of the incident indicates that the main goal of the attacker was to shoot that one particular person, as he bypassed the two civilians closest to the door. Dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, with a cap and mask on to cover his face, the gunman closed in on the target and pointed his gun over the head of the client seated in the barber’s chair.


In a matter of seconds, the barber noticed the shooter and attempted to thwart the attack by lunging at him. With a slight delay, the shooter had to adjust his grip on the weapon but was able to fire multiple shots hitting the victim.

Meanwhile, the two civilians who were seated closest to the entryway hastily exited the shop, while the customer whom the victimized barber was attending to stepped over the bloodied, wounded body on the ground and made an exit also.

Shortly after, while the victim writhes on the floor, multiple people can be seen crowding the entrance to the barbershop. A man then enters, seemingly to check if the victim is still alive, however, no confirmed reports state if an ambulance or police was contacted.

Watch the footage of the shooting below:

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