US Student Beats Up Teacher After She Told His Parents That He Failed – Watch Video

The video of a student beating up his teacher because she revealed that he was failing his class has been making rounds on the internet.

According to Calvin Watts, Gwinnett County Public Schools Superintendent, A student from the Discovery High School in Lawrenceville, United States, is now facing both disciplinary actions from the school and criminal charges for reportedly assaulting a teacher.


The incident took place on the morning of Tuesday, December 13 and Superintendent Watts released a message to the parents and guardians of the students of Gwinnett County. It was relayed that during the uproar, at least one student that was present tried to step in and help the teacher during the alleged physical assault that was said to have taken place amid a class transition.

In the video circulating online, a small group can be seen at the front of the classroom holding a conversation that could not be heard. The person videoing the footage seemed to know something was about to happen because a female student walked in front of the camera a little before the brawl started and was ushered out of the way.

Just as there was a clear view again, the male student in question attacks the teacher who is wearing a green top and jeans. The student, who remains unnamed, is seen throwing aggressive punches at the teacher who is caught off guard by the act. The teacher falls to the floor with the student following, still throwing punches.

Someone tried to hold the student back but was struggling when another person wearing a red shirt jumped into the fray to knock the accused to the floor and hold him down. Afterwards, a girl pulls him off saying, “get off my brother, F**k wrong with you? get off my brother!”

Speaking on the incident, Watts wrote, “To be clear, what happened at Discovery High yesterday is unacceptable. I want to reassure you we are taking this situation seriously. Using physical violence to attack students and/or staff will not be tolerated in Gwinnett County Public Schools. It is not only against our district disciplinary policy; it is against the law.”

He also mentioned that an investigation into the incident will be launched as it is suspected that multiple students were involved in planning and capturing the assault on video. The proper repercussions will be decided after a thorough inquiry.


Watch the video below:



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