Usain Bolt and Cham Passionately Celebrate ‘6 Love’ Victory in Domino Game – Watch Videos

New videos of Usain Bolt and Cham passionately celebrating victory in a game of dominoes were shared online.

The former sprinter was previously seen in a video celebrating his ‘six love’ victory by dancing on top of a chair while Cham, an observer, can be heard cheering.

In the first of the new videos, the Dancehall artiste is on top of the table, apparently celebrating the win. Usain, who is standing on a chair with one foot on the table, shouts to one of the other players, “a dah p***y yah mi a talk to,” and stomps on the table multiple times, disrupting the dominoes.

Meanwhile, Cham apparently instructs one of the men to video him.

In the second video, Cham is animatedly performing a song on top of a chair while Usain Bolt, who is on the floor, and multiple others cheer. Both videos were shared on Usain’s Instagram page, with a note accompanying the last one, saying, “6 a drop!!”

Watch the videos of Usain Bolt below:

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