Usain Bolt Caught by Kasi, Letting Olympia Eat Candy – Watch Video

Saturday, November 5, 2022, 2:41 PM GMT-5

In a heart-warming 17-second video posted to his Instagram account, Usain Bolt gives his fans and followers an exclusive inside look at what goes on during family time with his daughter.

Little two-year-old Olympia Lightning Bolt is laid up in bed, paying attention to something on-screen, with a green lollipop in her small fist that is resting close to her right ear.

Her father, Bolt, lying beside her scrolling through his phone.

When his partner, Kasi Bennett (and the mother to his three children, including the twins Thunder and Saint Leo Bolt) came across the scene, she had to take a video of the Olympic champion in his gullible father mode.

She says, “look at this, a lollipop. Thank you daddy,” insinuating that Bolt was the one to give the treat to Olympia. Jumping to his own defence, the man with the title of ‘fastest man alive’ cries out, “I did nothing, I did nothing. She picked it up herself!”

Laughing, Kasi lightly admonishes Bolt that he should feel ashamed for indulging her in eating candy, and on the bed no less. Caught like a deer in headlights, Bolt looks from left to right before seeking refuge under the sheets and away from the prying eyes of Kasi.

His Instagram comment section came alive with various comments after the video was uploaded. One person stated, “always the dad’s breaking the no sugar rule!!!!” Someone with the username v.campbell_ also pointed out, “you’re right, you did nothing, ? 😂😂 nothing when you saw her getting that candy 😂😂😂…”

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