Usain Bolt Leaves a Message For His Foes

Sprinting champion Usain Bolt has left yet another message for those who have wronged him and others who continue to feel disdain towards him. The note was shared on Twitter early this morning, over seven weeks after discovering that he was missing millions from his Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL) account.

In the tweet that has gotten over 44.4K views within hours of posting, Bolt wrote, “Remember the more you Rise and Shine inevitably the more shadows you cast. #Twisted #CountryYute.”

The message is a rephrased quote from Shaolin monk Master Shi Heng Yi,  who said, “The more you shine, the more shadows you cast.” This quote serves to explain that people will criticise, hate, and put out negative energy when you are growing, evolving, and unlocking new levels of life.

Bolt’s tweet has attracted positive and uplifting reactions from supporters. One Twitter user told him to “Stay positive and focus on all the good.” 

Currently, there is no information on when Usain Bolt will be reimbursed for the millions that were fraudulently taken from his account at the financial institution. Bolt, through his attorneys, issued a 10-day notice to SSL on January 17 to reimburse the money or face legal repercussions, but the institution has not complied.

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The primary suspect, Jean-Ann Panton, was apprehended and charged with stealing and violating the Cybercrimes Act. Jean-Ann Panton is currently in police custody as she awaits her next court date.

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