Usain Bolt Makes Cryptic Twitter Post Amidst SSL Saga – See Post

Since the story about the SSL (Stocks and Securities Limited) fraud broke and took over the island, Usain Bolt has been reacting to the news of his major loss in fortune with a multitude of social media posts, predominantly on Instagram and Twitter.

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Some hours ago, Bolt made yet another post on Twitter, even more cryptic than the last, which featured multiple law books. The top shelf was filled with The All England Law Reports dated from 1990 to 1994, while the bottom shelf consisted of the Laws Of Jamaica in various volumes.

In response to Bolt’s post, many of the comments were in support of him becoming a lawyer and starting his journey to getting back what he has lost, to establishing his own political party where the citizens of Jamaica would rally behind him.

One particular comment said, “Just Put the Bolt to the world logo on SSL’s hope rd. Office , take residence there and work out what other real estate investments they hold to make up the 8 or 9 million Usd Balance. We the Jamaican ppl say you Sir. Bolt NOW owns SSL. Still Puma all the way but , JUST DO IT,” while another individual stated, “This is just the reason why no one should put all their money into one country ….. Invest some and spread it to tax haven countries, they will always come in handy.”

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