Usain Bolt Makes Intriguing Statement About His Journey

World-renowned and celebrated Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt took to social media on Saturday, making an intriguing statement about his journey as the 36-year-old remains the undisputed track king and a successful businessman.

The retired athlete turned music producer shared a photograph taken from a recent interview with Puma on social media some hours ago. The photo was accompanied by a snippet of Vybz Kartel’s single ADIADKIN, which mentions Bolt in its opening verse.


“Ketch mi if you can you name nuh Bolt u nuh have da speed ya. Dem a pamphlet an want fi test di great encyclopedia,” Kartel sings on the track.


Bolt captioned the photo with a message that seemingly touched on his record being broken by another athlete, which has been the topic of discussion for many in the sports world over the last few years. But the former athlete made it clear in the post that no matter the speed of sprint’s newcomers, he is still the man.

“Many out the blocks quicker, but my journey will be much farther,” Bolt wrote in his post to Instagram.

With a total of eight Olympic Gold medals and eleven World Championship titles, Bolt’s sprinting career remains legendary.


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