Usain Bolt Wanted a ‘Football Team’ of Children Says Kasi Bennett in Hilarious Footage – Watch Video

Usain Bolt wanted to have a football team of little children; at least, that is what his girlfriend said when the two were discussing their three kids. The couple shared a video on social media, apparently exhausted from parenting.

The video shows their children, Olympia, Saint Leo, and Thunder, watching something on a tablet while mommy and daddy are keeping an eye on them. The happy couple also took the moment to interact with their fans with a discussion about how they ended up with three kids.


Bolt, who seemed tired, was lounging on a settee, and Kasi, who was recording everyone, joined him.

According to the Sprint legend, Kasi’s fertile womb was to blame for their children.

“It was all your fault with your fertile self,” Usain told her.”That’s the problem. We would’ve had two kids right now.”

Kasi responded by telling him that she would have had only one child, but back then, Usain said, “I wanna have a football team.”

Usain reacted with a look of shock and denied saying he wanted so many kids. The friendly interaction ended after the two left a question for the fans, inquiring whether or not they believed Kasi or Usain.

Watch the video of Kasi and Usain below:


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