Usain Bolt Warns of “All The PR Distractions” – See Post and Photos

With the days quickly winding down for Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL) to refund Usain Bolt his missing multi-million dollar investment, the retired sprinter has warned against distractions.

Following the bombshell revelation that millions from his account at SSL seemingly vanished without a trace, Bolt’s attorneys at the Frater, Ennis, and Gordan law firm requested the return of his missing US$12,758,181.74 investment. As the January 27 deadline for the return of the funds quickly approaches, much has changed at SSL. There has been a swift change of management, and the Financial Investigations Division and the Fraud Squad have sought the assistance of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the investigation of the reported swindling scheme.

The sprint legend has remained mum on the topic, except for a number of cryptic messages on social media. Bolt had previously declared that there was a time for war and recently shared a video of various volumes of the law books of Jamaica. As former executives of SSL seek to distance themselves from the company, with former CEO Zachary Harding denying having knowledge that Bolt was a client, the former athlete is warning against public relations (PR) distractions.

Sharing a photograph of himself on Instagram on Monday, the eight-time Olympic champion said that the “real ones” would be able to see through the distractions and tagged the cryptic post with the hashtag “Focus”. Bounty Killer’s hit single Look into My Eyes accompanied the photo, and Bolt quoted the dancehall artiste on Twitter.


Seeking to clear his name, Harding spoke out following reports of the scandal and said that during his tenure at SSL from September 2019 to June 2022, he did not know that Bolt was a client or that he was one of the company’s largest investors. However, pictures of Harding and Bolt have since resurfaced on the internet, and members of the public have questioned how Harding could have been oblivious to Bolt’s involvement with the company.

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