Valiant Disses Skeng With ‘Rat Spray’ Post?

Tuesday, June 4, 2024, 2:00 PM

On the heels of Jiggy D seemingly taking shots at Valiant, Valiant has made some shady posts of his own amid the rumours that he and Skeng are feuding.

The Mad Out artiste made one particular post that appears to directly diss Skeng, who is well known to be the leader of the Ratty Gang camp.


The post featured a picture of a can of “Rat Spray” and was deleted from Valiant’s account, but not before a screenshot was taken.

The screenshot, posted by Questimes, prompted social media users to voice their opinions on the matter. While some internet users believe that the feud is fake, others have expressed their disapproval.

One IG user said, “This is a “Manufactured Beef” unnu cyaa trick mi💀.”

Another commented, “Too much war not enough new music.”

Read more of the comments below:

Additionally, Valiant posted a video of himself vibing to Vybz Kartel’s Dancehall Hero song. Vybz Kartel can be heard deejaying, “…Call up mi name just fi get a forward, Ya nah see di whole ah dem ah parasite dem a leech.”

Watch the video of Valiant below:

The post might be Valiant’s response to producer Jiggy D, who tagged him in a “S*ck Unuh Mada” post on Monday. Jiggy D’s post also reminded his rival(s) that his circle consists of gangsters and tagged Valiant’s producer, DJ Mac, and a third individual.

Meanwhile, Skeng has not yet responded to the posts or the rumours of the feud.

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