Valiant Explains How Feud Started With Skeng “My dog and dem get into an altercation” – Watch Videos

Wednesday, June 5, 2024, 3:39 PM

Dancehall artiste Valiant has shared what ignited the feud between him and Skeng during a live stream. The rivalry, which started only a few days ago, has since resulted in shady posts being made online by Skeng’s affiliates and Valiant, as well as a released diss track from Skeng, and a previewed diss song from Valiant.

Clearing the air, Valiant details that a member of his crew got into a “altercation” with Skeng’s circle. The Dunce Cheque artiste went on to blame Skeng for the feud, stating that Skeng disrespected his “dog” and his crew while he was present.


According to Valiant, Skeng initially greeted him but then turned on him. “Hail him up…my dog and dem get into an altercation, man start seh s*ck mada and ting, ‘a who yuh,’ and even though a man doh see mi dem still a hype up themself and a gwan like seh yow ray ray ray,” he said. “Mi nuh Biggie and Albert have.”

While noting that some people believe he is soft because he does not sing gun songs, Valiant told viewers that “badness deh round everybody.”

Additionally, Valiant said that he does not consider the song Skeng released a diss track since Skeng did not call his name, indicating that a clash would commence only if Skeng is “brave” enough to call his name.

“Mi and di man nuh have nothing and di man start push badness. Mi nuh know if a di molly a get to him head…or mushrooms,” he continued. 

Watch the videos of Valiant below:

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After the videos were posted by Tropix on Instagram, some social media users expressed that the feud is necessary while some people are still saying it is fake.
Read some of the comments below:

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