Valiant Lashes Out Against Badmind Artistes Amid Popcaan and Sharon Burke Feud – Watch Video

Since Popcaan took to social media to condemn Sharon Burke of the “Not-so Solid Agency” for her alleged shady dealings and trying to “sabotage” his Burna Boy concert performance, the controversial topic of badmind artistes has been gaining a lot of momentum.

Although the fans of the Unruly entertainer remain at his side, a host of people, including some artistes associated with the Solid Agency (headed by Burke), have aired their displeasure with Popcaan.

Advised by Burke’s attorney to retract his defamatory comments about Burke before the path of legal action has to be taken, Popcaan has decided to stand by his remarks, with the support of his own lawyer who thinks he has all right to be upset about the incident and more.

It has spread from being an issue between Burke and Andre Sutherland (Popcaan), to an issue across the Dancehall community who think that the artiste has badmind tendencies. Teejay, who allegedly claims that he was roadblocked from performing at the Love Damini concert by Popcaan is now joined by Valiant who seems to be saying the same.

A day ago, he posted the following below to his story on IG:

Also taking to social media to vent about his troubles with roadblocks in the industry, the North Carolina deejay in a live video, states, “some a dem man yah too bum**claat badmind bredda.”

In the expletive-filled commentary, without mentioning a name, he also told the artiste to go and “suck dem madda”. Valiant mentioned that he received a lot of fight to get to where he is, and knowing the history of bad blood between him and Popcaan, his rant about no one being able to hold down his career seems to be directed at the Next To Me artiste.

Watch the video below:

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