Valiant one of “Nine Musicians Set to Take Over in 2023” Says Vogue

Vogue, a popular American monthly fashion and lifestyle magazine added Valiant to their list of entertainers that they think will make it to the top this year.

Urging music connoisseurs and enthusiasts to “familiarize” themselves with the artistes on their list “before they blow up in 2023,” Vogue made an announcement on their British Vogue page and gave a sample of the music each artiste produces.

Valiant was listed at number three for his single North Carolina and noted for making history as “the first artist to have five songs simultaneously top the country’s Youtube chart.” His popular “Kotch e hat” phrase was highlighted and said to have been used as the basis to elevate his music career overnight by using the “subsequent attention to release back-to-back hits.”

Born Raheem Bowes, the Jamaican entertainer is more popularly known for songs like Dunce Cheque, Siance, St Mary, and newer singles, Glock 40 and Narcissistic ft. Stalk Ashley.

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The other musicians that made it to the list of nine are:

  1. Addison Rae – noted for her single Obsessed and upcoming track 2 Die 4,
  2. Coco Jones – who became popular because of Disney and her debut EP What I Didn’t Tell You,
  3. Lola Brooke – whose song Don’t Play With It can be heard all over TikTok,
  4. Highlyy – who became popular for her debut single Soldier,
  5. Debbie – a 22-year-old dubbed “the Aretha of our time” by Stormzy,
  6. Elmiene – known for his “honeyed voice” and song Golden,
  7. Clavish – dubbed as the crown prince of UK rap, and
  8. DOMi & JD BECK – Grammy-nominated “child prodigies” known for their jazz/pop/hip hop sound.

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