Valiant Responds to Kabaka Pyramid’s Criticism – Watch Video

One of dancehall’s hottest musicians, Valiant, has received a lot of criticism since his rise to stardom due to the infamous nature of his music. The latest critic, Rastafarian reggae artiste Kabaka Pyramid, slammed Valiant for disrespecting the rasta culture in his latest single and called out society for encouraging songs about “Dunce an Science.”

The song in question is Rasta, which was released only eight days ago, and already it has soared up to #1 on YouTube’s Trending Music chart with over 1.3 million views and 64,000 likes.

Valiant has taken to the internet in response to the conscious reggae singer’s comments, speaking about “badmind” people, his end goal, and his current work.

“Mi just grateful fi everything wah gwan and ting but more while yuh siddung and like yuh overthink,” Valiant said to someone in the video while driving, adding that while what he was currently doing is small, he remains grateful.

He continued by expressing that his sole wish is that he did not turn into one of those successful persons who “badmind” the younger generation.

“Mi hope when mi start achieve some bigger tings and the support still deh deh…mi nuh get badmind fi nuh younga generation or mi heart get dutty…and seh some tings fi try tear dung di dancehall we a try build,” he stated. 

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The Dunce Cheque singer expressed that he aimed to create unity while there were role models who tried to “tear down” his mindset, pushing him to be “corrupt.” Nevertheless, the St Mary artiste hoped that the next generation in dancehall would remain focused, despite what others said and did.

Watch the video of Valiant below:

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